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My Why

Maybe it is because I grew up in a close knit large extended Italian family in an awesome neighborhood in Newark New Jersey.....Maybe its because I have memories of gatherings with lots of cousins, friends, neighbors and extended family.....Maybe it is because my Dad died when I was 5 and I think the only reason I remember him is from the old box of home movies that I watched a million times when I was little.....Maybe it is because my Grandma lived with us until she died and all of the memories of my young life include her.........Maybe it is because as the youngest of 4 daughters, I became extremely close with my Mom after losing my Dad at a young age....she was already 45 when he died, not like the younger mothers of my friends....I always worried about her.......always wanted to take care of her.....loved hearing stories of her life....and I watched her struggle, always with a positive attitude and the ability to truly live in the moment and cherish the present....whatever if was.

I decided at a young age that Older People were pretty cool.......

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