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Yes, there IS life after diagnosis.......

Updated: Sep 12

"The key to living well with dementia is staying healthy – physically, emotionally, cognitively and mentally. It is easier for someone with dementia to take on new challenges and lead a meaningful and positive life when they feel well. A good diet, exercise, sleeping well and being free of pain and infection are critical in maintaining good health and wellbeing."

Learn All you can for your own personal Toolbox.

Be Informed and Be Prepared - reduce anxiety of the unknown

Educate yourself not only on your condition and symptoms you may be faced with, but prepare yourself financially, legally and what you will do if you are unable to stay home as your dementia progresses. A transition is not inevitable, but it is possible. Knowledge is power and peace.

Yes, Diet Helps! Eat the Colors of the Rainbow.

Diet plays a huge part in any aging adult's life....some foods can even help preserve memory longer. In general, a diet rich in organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, less animal products and minimal processed foods to help reduce inflammation. Lots of healthy choices out there!


Remove toxins from your environment

This includes swapping out chemical cleaners, sprays, perfumes, smoking, reduce OTC medications whenever possible with more natural versions. Meditate. Limit negative television and relationships; exchange for more music and art and encouraging friends and family. Spend time OUTDOORS in Nature - seek out areas around trees or bodies of water!​​


Regular physical exercise can reduce cognitive decline and help people with mild cognitive impairment maintain skills like bathing, dressing and eating, relieves pain, improves sleep and mood allowing for greater independence. Research continues to grow. MOVE!


Encourage intimate & personal social interaction Daily one-on-one interactions with others about one's passions, personal preferences and families can help reduce feelings of isolation and anxiety. Join a support group, call an old friend or dear family member.


Enrich life through music and art Music provides a powerful way to connect, even after verbal communication becomes difficult. Listen to your favorite music Every Day!!! Play an instrument or join a choir. Art, craft or wood projects offer rewarding opportunities for self-expression and can create a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Stay Connected!!

Do what you LOVE with others!! Laugh, go to museums, see films, take an art class, travel or visit local attractions - Take a fitness class or join a walking group. Use technology to virtually connect!​​​

Get Involved!

Volunteer locally or Consider being an advocate for change....there are many organizations that are run by people with dementia and a movement to create more Dementia Friendly communities.

Because Life goes on...

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