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Communication IS always possible....

Adaptive Interaction and Validation are similar philosophies in communicating with those who very old and withdrawn and those in latest stages of dementia when a person is no longer able to communicate with words. People always long for human connection and will revert to the start of communication as they did as an infant. Naomi Feil, is the Founder of therapeutic Validation Method in 1963 and the author of many books and training programs. Adaptive Interaction is a newer evidence based therapy, started in 2002 and described here in this short introduction. Founders, and Authors of the book, Adaptive Communication in Dementia.. Maggie Ellis and Professor Arlene Astellis have created a training program for those who care for people with advanced dementia.

This beautiful way of being "WITH" another human being and striving to communicate with them as a human being on their terms is what we should ALL be working towards. It seems a simple concept.....but one that requires, understanding, practice and an open mind.

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