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We can learn all there is about Alzheimer's disease, how many types of dementia there are, clinical responses to challenging behavioral manifestations of the condition etc....but we must remind ourselves with every interaction that this is a human being with a story to learn, a song in their heart and a life that goes on.

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As a longtime dementia care provider and educator, my mission is to promote quality of life for adults living with cognitive decline due to Alzheimer's disease or other dementia related condition in a holistic way.   I strive to learn from the experts and share that knowledge and my experiences to assist individuals and their families to become empowered to LIVE the Best Life possible.    I am passionate about the use of music, movement, and life story in all I do.   My personal mission is to help reduce the stigma that surrounds a diagnosis of some form of dementia and to teach others to "see" the PERSON beyond the dementia.

Started in 2011,  Movement Music & Memories, a multi-sensory movement to music & enrichment program designed for those living with dementia has been harnessing the Power of Music to drive movement and foster connection of body, brain and spirit.  After having learned the life story of literally hundreds of elders over the past 10 years, I believe that understanding and using Life Story in all interactions is the best way to connect people with dementia to their sense of "self", preserve dignity and increase quality of life.

Here is 101
busing tables at a recent
Rock Dementia Benefit
feeling her "SELF" come alive from the music-inspired love & connection we all felt.  
She sure did SHINE ON!!!
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since 2011
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