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Holistic solutions for your dementia journey..........body, brain & spirit        

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Our Mission is to empower people living with dementia
to connect to self and well-being

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About me - Hi, I'm Fran.....As a longtime dementia care provider and educator, my mission is to promote quality of life for adults living with cognitive decline due to Alzheimer's disease or other dementia related condition with a focus on those in the Earliest support and empower.  I strive to learn from the experts and share that knowledge and my experiences to assist individuals and their families to continue to LIVE the Best Life possible; to stay home as long as possible and to help others "see" the PERSON and not just the disease. I promote the use of music, movement, life story, natural wellness and technology to support this effort. 

In 2011 I. started Dementia Living Solutions as a dementia focused fitness company and shortly after developed Movement Music & Memories, a multi-sensory movement to music & enrichment program designed for those living with mid to later stages of dementia.   After having learned the life story of literally hundreds of elders over the past 10 years, I now offer Life Story Work as a service with the goal to connect as many elders to their sense of "self" as possible, not only for Legacy purposes, but for the practical application in healthcare settings, where this information is crucial to good care.  I am currently in training to become a Certified Aromatherapist and am committed to identifying technology driven solutions to the challenges of life with dementia.  

I am a geriatric LPN, a Certified  Dementia Care Practitioner, Best Friends Approach-Master Trainer, RCI-Dealing with Dementia Trainer,  SFA-Fitness Professional, Walk 15 Teacher, Aromatherapist in training and an avid student holistic wellness.  I volunteer for Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey, where I developed an inter-generational program that connects youth to elders with dementia using the power of music to foster memories & sense of self and connection for both.   .I am a County Liaison for Caring Connections of New Jersey,  a graduate the Memory Bridge "I am a Bridge" program, on the advisory board of the Alive Inside Foundation, a member of the Ocean County NJ Chapter of BWNICE and an Alzheimer's Association advocate.

Here is 101
busing tables at a recent
Rock Dementia Benefit
feeling her "SELF" come alive from the music-inspired love & connection we all felt.  
She sure did SHINE ON!!!
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